Books by Fr. Matta El-Meskine Translated into English

Fr. Matta, Abba Matta of Egyp, has published more than 100 books dealing with all aspects of religious life. They include more than 15 volumes (some 800 pages each) of Biblical commentaries on the books of the New Testament.

Some of his writings have been translated into English and into many other languages: they were released under the form of books or under the form of short articles published by Reviews or by websites.

You can read his  biography and the presentation of his work on this page: Writings of Matta El-Meskeen in English


1. Books by Fr. Matta El-Meskine Translated into English and published by The monastery of Saint Macarius the Great

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Matta El-Meskeen


2. Books translated into English and published in the United States

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  1. Words for our Time
  2. The Titles of Christ
  3. Communion of Love, The
  4. Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way

3. Articles online - You will find articles by Father Matta El Meskeen online in this section:

  Matta El-Meskeen's teachings to read online

4. Articles on other websites, with lists of the articles:  

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